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Lenovo A8 A808T ST 1443_7.27.1 NK W 5F69 VIBEUI_V2.0

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Lenovo A8 A808T ST 1443_7.27.1 NK W 5F69 VIBEUI_V2.0

Update Official Lenovo A808T VibeUI 2.0 version: VIBEUI_V2.0_1443_7.27.1_ST_A808t ( Stable version )

Optimization into the dial pad and address book slow response
[Music Store]
Do not jump to the page installed the necessary repair shop first entered the music rights management top of the page after clicking
Repair the flash back from the multi-tasking long press music store
[fast pass]
Can add custom avatar, can and Apple, PC connection
[Music] cloud Notepad
Repair notes classification click the input box and press enter keyboard icon at the top left corner to return is not hidden
Repair music search cloud memo notes the contents of overlap with the date and time

[Cloud services]
SD card data restoration to recover from cloud services appear unresponsive

[Game Center]
Optimize the use of Back button to exit the game center, not the background permanent memory
Game Center will pop up to stop running into the game accelerate game download page to download the game after the repair is completed


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